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EMP 365 is a Growth Engine for
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Companies are investing heavily in agile and digital transformation.
Few are achieving the desired results!
Too many options
Companies need management innovation!
Alexander Osterwalder

Make real-time decisions

Business Users Familiar Tools

See progress against outcomes

Tight Collaboration with Microsoft

That’s why we built EMP365
Knowledge must flow seamlessly to scale

Executive team

Experience team

Delivery team

Support team

Project team



Power Bi


Full sync people, work and time

Cross-team, cross-functional collaboration

Real-time analysis

Single source of truth

Paperless On Page Plan

Eliminate paper! Keep your plan in a central location so everyone is in alignment.

Manage Persons of Interest

Keep Track of any person of interest in your company to see how their progressing.

Task Management

Manage your shorter term priorities to help break quarterly goals into manageable chunks.

Quickly Update Your KPIs

Update your Key Performance indicators in less than 10 Seconds!

Company Top Priorities Overview

Visual representation of how you are doing towards achieving your quarterly goals.

Informative Personal Profiles

Keep track of your team progress as well as insightful info, including DISC profile.

Easily Assign & Manage Stucks

Email alerts to always known if anyone is stuck and needs help from you or others.

Convenient KPI Listing

Define your own key performance indicators and assign them to your goals.

Organized Daily and Weekly Huddles

Manage the entire daily huddle process from preparation to moderating the huddle itself.

Personalized Dashboard

Stay on top how you and your team are progressing with a visually intuitive dashboard.

Effortlessly Track Your Progress

Enter, track and analyze your progress throughout the quarter/month/week/day.

Be Up & Running in Less Than 5 Minutes

Getting started is easy! Go to and be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Achieving enterprise agility has become an imperative for every organization!

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